Beta v1.0

Bliqin is a Chat &
Payment App

that enable seamless communications, efficient and fast transactions between friends, families and focused group. Built using modern progressive Stellar blockchain technology any individual can Send, Receive, and Transact P2P. It's very simple to use.


Is our flagship payments enabled messaging app. It utilizes the underpinning layer of blockchain technology;

to offer a accelerated secure, low cost, instant payments transfer faster than traditional systems. The validity of the transactions are verified by a network of distributed ledgers that apply a consensus mechanism (e.g Bitcoin, Stellar, and Ethereum blockchains). The first version of the app will integrate into the Stellar newtwork for low cost transactions.



Bliqin platform offers instant messaging features as well as very low cost payments (i.e local or crossborder payments) that is simple, reliable and fast. Combined with the ease of bringing people across different geolocation closer and performing that simple transaction makes Bligin the place to spend the days time.

Bliqin App

allows you to chat with your family and friends in fun way; send or receive micro payments from anywhere across the world. Users sign up on the app using their phone number, and not/add profile picture. The app then asks for the user's permission to sync their contact list to check if there are any other users who have signed up on the platform. (You can only message users who have signed up on the app)

Safe & Secure

All transactions are secured using blockchain grade security. Only you have control over your wallet and the funds in it.


Contains your funds balance, and transactions history. There you can pay or receive payments from anyone with your number or wallet address anywhere in the world.

Sticker Store

(Upcoming): Sticker packs can make it more fun and engaging for users while having a conversation with others.

Instant Chat

Real-time messages delivered to your phone. Based on the phone number, the user can chat with other users easily through the intuitive slick chat interface of the mobile app. Group Messaging: users can create interest groups, add and message others on the groups. Group messaging is an essential feature that brings people together for a myriad of reasons.

Broadcast Message

Users can broadcast messages to other users in their contact list. Broadcasts can be used in times of emergency or for sending out a quick update to people who do not want to be part of any group.

Get Started

Download & install the Android/iOS mobile app. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!


Register Your Number

After downloading the app, signup by typing your number into the # input box. You will then receive an authentication code. Confirm and sync to begin using the app.


Create Your First Chat

When done syncing your contact list, create your first chat by selecting a contact from your contact list and message 'em.


Your Wallet

Add funds to your wallet using the Stellar wallet address provide on your account. Send money instantly to anyone, anywhere.

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in control

your history

with anyone